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Pregnancy is a time of nervous excitement. You want the best obstetrics care during this time, so seek out the experts at North Atlanta Women’s Specialists. At the East Cobb office in Marietta, Johns Creek office in Duluth, and Northside and Midtown offices in Atlanta, Georgia, the compassionate and friendly team of OB/GYNs helps women navigate their pregnancies from conception to delivery. If you’re pregnant or thinking about trying to get pregnant, call the nearest office or book an appointment online.

Pregnancy Q & A

What Type of Pregnancy Care is Available?

Pregnancy care at North Atlanta Women’s Specialists is comprehensive. You benefit from:

  • Pre-Pregnancy Preparation: If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, the team at North Atlanta Women’s Specialists helps you prepare. You receive recommendations as to how to maximize your fertility and start prenatal vitamins and any other supplements to set you up for a successful, healthy experience. You have screenings for sexually transmitted diseases and other underlying health conditions that could cause complications during pregnancy. The team can also evaluate your fertility and offer treatment if you’re having trouble conceiving.
  • Prenatal Care: Once you know you’re pregnant or suspect you are, trust North Atlanta Women’s Specialists to provide you and your baby with the care you need during pregnancy. They offer monitoring and screening, including high-resolution, in-office ultrasounds, to ensure your pregnancy is progressing as it should. The doctors also give support and treatment for any problems you may face along the way.
  • Postnatal Care: Your pregnancy care from North Atlanta Women’s Specialists doesn’t end once you give birth. The team cares for you to make sure you’re healing well and answer any questions you might have about motherhood. They resume your normal gynecological care following the postnatal period.

What if I Have a High-Risk Pregnancy?

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, the team at North Atlanta Women’s Specialists is qualified to provide more advanced care. You may be deemed high-risk due to:

  • Advanced maternal age (35 or older)
  • Chronic conditions, such as diabetes or lupus
  • Pregnancy with multiples
  • Previous problems with pregnancy

Your high-risk care likely involves more frequent prenatal visits and potentially extra screenings to make sure all goes smoothly.

Does Pregnancy Care Include Delivery?

Pregnancy care absolutely includes delivery, whether you have a vaginal birth or a Cesarean section. Every pregnancy is unique, and so is the delivery. 

North Atlanta Women’s Specialists helps you create a birth plan so you have the experience you want – provided you don’t encounter complications. If a problem does arise during delivery, your doctor has the experience necessary to handle it and ensure the best possible outcome.

If you’re pregnant or thinking about trying to conceive in the next few months, call North Atlanta Women’s Specialists or set up a consultation online to get started with quality pregnancy care.